Monday, June 4, 2012

"In A Small Sanctuary" by Carl Weingarten

One reason I enjoy improvisational music is the act involves as much listening as playing.  Recently I visited the Audubon Canyon Ranch in Stinson Beach, California.  It’s a beautiful wildlife preserve with hiking trails along the Highway 1 coastline.  On the hunch that I might get to do some playing in the quiet outdoors, I brought along my traveler guitar.  For fun, I started shooting some video on the park grounds. Then I came across what looked like a door to an old building.  It turned out that this was a Bird Hide - a camouflaged shelter for up close observing of nesting and feeding birds.  Covered by trees and overgrowth, the observation room and the sanctuary were screened from the open air and wind, making the room amazingly quiet and peaceful.  There was a brief period when there were no other visitors, so I sat in with the band.

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