Saturday, November 14, 2009

Live with Jeff Oster's Band

Over the last year I've been playing out more than ever. It's a good thing for me, as I was all but ready to pack away my studio, pedals and guitar for good. Thanks to encouragement from friends like trumpet virtuoso Jeff Oster, bass-master Michael Manring and producer Noah Perry, I realized my disenchantment was with the business of music and not the experience of music.

For the first time since Delay Tactics (my 1980s studio group), I've enjoyed playing in a band. I've had a long career as a solo artist, but for now the group setting offers the same level of satisfaction without the heavy shoulders. I've spent 30 years developing my guitar style, and it's gratifying to offer just what I do best.

This video features Jeff Oster, Michael Manring, Dave Dilullo, Kelly Park and myself at The Shedd Theater in Eugene on September 3rd.


  1. Great site. I particularly like that the Flickr link takes you directly to a very enjoyable slideshow. Thanks!

  2. Hey Carl, sounds great! I saw a few videos of you at open mic play dobro. What tuning do you use on that dodad?

  3. Hi Michael,

    On acoustic I use open G or D G D G B D, and alt variations. On electric I also use G alot as well as A (EAEAC#E) which is a step up G, and then E (EBEGB#E) for straight up rock or blues. --CW