Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aquarium Earth

Most of my photography is inspired simply by what's in front of me. Scenes are either stumbled upon, or familiar places with a changing cast of characters. If I'm lucky enough to capture the moment, the print becomes my witness.

Then there's the extended spontaneity of photo design, where Photoshop has become my second camera. Aquarium Earth began with a photo I shot during my visit to the Monterey Aquarium this last summer with my father. It was my first time there. My Canon G10 struggled under the low light of the big marine tanks and the sharks refused to pose for me, so I focused instead on the entranced people hovering at the glass. It struck me that the fish were as much out of their element as were the people watching in the darkness. Everyone was in outer space.

Aquarium Earth and two other new photos (Lucky Stars and Opening Night) are on display in the "Starstruck" exhibit at The Frank Bette Center for The Arts, Alameda, California through the end of December.

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