Monday, January 9, 2012

University City High School Arts | 1975 Super 8 Film

They say you can never go home again.  That’s unless you book a round trip ticket.  It took me almost three decades to look back at the films I did during the 10 years between junior high and through college.  So, recently, inspired by the renewed interest of the Super 8 format, I opened the old boxes and began transferring my Super 8 films to DVD.  One of movies was this one, “The High School of The Arts” which I made at University City High School in St. Louis 1975.  This film was my first attempt at a documentary.  Three art teachers were profiled including, Tom Lawless (sculpture), Carol Ray (ceramics) and Sherry Londe (modern dance).  All three were very popular and highly regarded educators, as I’m sure my classmates would agree.  They were also among my first creative mentors, who encouraged me and my high school movie geek aspirations.

I recorded interviews with each teacher for the film, asking about their work and careers.  Their comments were edited and mixed over the classroom footage I shot.  Sorry to say, much of the soundtrack has crumbled away in storage.  The first interview, featuring the late-great Tom Lawless sounds clear (Who could forget THAT voice!), but unfortunately much of the audio for Carol Ray and Sherry Londe didn’t survive.  I may have the source interview tape in storage somewhere, and if I come across it, I’ll post it.  In any case, I thought my homies would like to see this.


  1. Carl, what a huge treat to find this on you tube. Thanks for the blast from the past. I hope this post finds you well.
    Your classmate and fellow media center geek,
    Bill Labath
    Class of 77

  2. This is phenomenal!!! Thank you for letting me know about this. We'll have to talk about how we can work on recovering some of the audio of this and even some of the picture clarity. I'm so glad that you recorded this!! Great job!!

    -Rod Milam
    Director/Executive Producer
    The University City Musician Documentary Project